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Portable hardness tester MKII


Digital portable hardness tester for Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers methods in laboratory or on location with HR direct digital read-out and conversion to other scales through included tables. In compliance with ISO 50157 and ASTM E104 hardness standards. MKII is a small and light portable hardness tester where load forces are applied through a dynamometric load cell and it is operative up to 360° degrees of positioning, even upside down. It is equipped with a LCD operating console with a user friendly interface and extremely easy test settings. Clear view of results, real time statistics, graphs and large archive storage. Hardness tests in laboratory or in loco on tubes, profiles, valves and every bulky or small pieces starting from a thickness of 0.06 mm: small penetration assures excellent results on thin surfaces such as cromium coating or on parts as thin as shave blade profiles. Hardness testing on almost all metals: chromed surfaces, nitrided surfaces, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, metal wire and hard and soft steel.

 ASTM E-10 / ASTM E-18 / ISO 6506 / ISO 6507 / ISO 6508: 
indirect method on certified test blocks

Portable hardness tester  METALTESTER


Compact and pocket hardness tester version. METALTEST is a wireless hardness tester with comands and LCD incorporated on the top. It is very handy and easy to use: just place the hardness tester on the surface to be examined and press the handgrip right down; release the pressure and the piece hardness immediately appears on the display.

 ASTM E-10 / ASTM E-18 / ISO 6506 / ISO 6507 / ISO 6508: 
indirect method on certified test blocks

Portable hardness test on cilinders   Portable hardness test on engine   Portable hardness tester metas sheet   Portable hardness tester cilinder   Portable hardness tester wheel rim   Portable hardness tester tube


Test loads: 2 - 5,6 kgf (19,614 - 54,92 N)

Rockwell DIN 50157 / ASTM B-724 / ASTM E104: HRA (20...92); HRB (26...100); HRC (0...80) / HR15N (69...93); HR30T (16...83)

Brinell / Vickers / Knoop: HB5 (5...205); HB30 (66...884) / HV (13...1865) / HK (25...97)



User friendly, handy and accurate. Hardness tests directly in production department without the need of tests in laboratory.

With the METALTESTER MKII portable durometer it is possible to perform quick and precise Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers hardness measurements as well as determine ultimate strength anywhere, inside or outside your production department. A diamond indenter ensures precise hardness readings on all surfaces. A variety of accessories to facilitate testing on small or oddly shaped items, on differently shaped samples or on finished items. Tester’s limited weight and the compact size make it an extremely efficient durometer to test any surface, any large or unwieldy item or any already assembled product. The narrow and elongated head is ideal to reach surfaces such as the inner parts of castings or of finished housings. It is extremely easy to use: simply choose the desired hardness scale, put the test probe on the surface and apply a light pressure to start the entire test cycle. At the end of the test, the instrument lets out a sound signal and the result immediately appears on the wide graphic display. At this point the hardness tester is once again ready for a new measurement.
Portable hardness tester coils   Portable hardness test in production department   Portable hardness tester production department 1   Portable hardness tester test   Portable hardness tester test1

Operating console

Portable hardness tester consoleSmart digital console with LCD screen, large hard disk for data and statistics storage and data outputs that connect to a printer or computer, with an RS232C connection or USB connection upon request. Hardness testing data are simultaneously shown on the LCD graphic display: detected values in various simultaneous scales, average of the values with automatic updating, battery level, findings according to the tolerance limits expressed both numerically and graphically, programmable test preload and load timer, statistics and Gauss diagram, sound signal to indicate the end of the cycle. It is also possible to display the temperature and the date.

HARDTEST - Handclamp support

Portable hardness tester handclampVery useful instrument especially for hard-to-test items or for items with odd shapes (i.e. tests on spring wires). HARDTEST is a hand clamp system that accomodates your MKII or METALTEST, which blocks the testing piece and allows steady measurements avoiding sample movements. Easy and safe with a testing capacity of 30 x 30 mm. It comes with an anvil and various accessories.
Portable hardness tester handclamp   Portable hardness tester handclamp stick   Portable hardness tester handclamp valve   Portable hardness tester handclamp stick1   Portable hardness tester handclamp pillar   Portable hardness tester handclamp curve

EDA 300

Portable hardness tester with motorized stand supportVery useful motorized stand support for the laboratory, where it is necessary to test small sized items. (Only for MKII)
Height capacity: 110 mm - Depth capacity: 60 mm


Portable hardness tester with stand supportVery useful stand supprot for the laboratory, where it is necessary to test small sized items. (Only for MKII)
Altezza utile: 170 mm - Profondità utile: 75 mm


Portable hardness tester application table


Tecnical Features

DIN 50157 / ASTM B-724 / ASTM E140
Indirect method on certified test blocks: ASTM E-10 / ASTM E-18 / ISO 6506 / ISO 6507 / ISO 6508
Data output
RS 232 C (USB on request)
1 kgf (9.807 N)
Test loads
2 or 5.6 kgf (19.614 or 54.92 N)
5.6 kgf (54.92 N)
Feasible tests
Rockwell HRA (20...92); HRB (26...100); HRC (0...80); HR15N (69...93); HR30T (16...83)
Brinell HB5 (5...205); HB30 (66...884)
Knoop (25...97)
Vickers (13...1865)
Tensile Module R (226.. .2898); HZA (0...250)
Webster B 0 / 20 (On request)
Barcol 0 / 100 (On request)
Leeb unit (On request)
Better than 1 %


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